Meetings, forums and town-halls are key platforms in leading people and organizations forward. A year of digital collaboration has in many ways revolutionized the way we work together. Seeing each other face to face has gone from being standard to something we did in the past.

But how do we adapt to the new normal by using the best of both worlds? Digital meetings will never fully replace the experience you can create by gathering a large group of people together in the same room. But using them in combination may prove to be even more powerful.

A digital meeting has many advantages:

  • It is time efficient and eco-friendly
  • It provides easy access for participant and speakers
  • Digital tools enable interaction and collaboration in new and more interactive ways than before

Physical get-togethers offer other possibilities:

  • It allows for more relaxed social interaction and relationship building
  • It enables the creation of a shared experience, using all senses
  • Group dynamics help people build of each other’s energy

The keys for creating an impact and make meeting participants feel that their time is well spent is to carefully consider which formats and topics that best fit your purpose. Maybe a full day together “all hands on deck” is just what you need? Or perhaps it’s more efficient to let your employees participate in a process that takes place over time, with both physical and digital interaction? At Odd Agency we have extensive experience from designing and leading physical as well as digital meetings and forums. Our approach is to work together with you and use your desired outcome of a as a point of departure to design a meeting that serves your purpose. We help you host a meeting that creates value and the effect you are striving to achieve.

Are you already thinking about what would be a good approach for your meeting, or do you have the responsibility to make it happen but don’t know where to start?
Reach out to us, to set up a first call and we will help you take the next step, whatever that may be.

Odd Agency designs and leads meetings that contribute to strategic movement. The audiences we work with range from 5 to 2000 participants.

Odd Agency can support you with:

  • Early-stage planning
    Book a one-hour session with us to bounce ideas around purpose and approach for your meeting.
  • Meeting design and production
    We help you lead the full process resulting in a tailor made approach for your meeting based on the purpose and intended outcome.
  • Facilitation & moderation
    If needed, we assist you in leading the meeting.

Get in touch and let us explore how we can help you!