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Odd Agency is an international change leadership consultancy.
We work in a wide range of industries, nations and organizational levels
Odd Agency (Allodds AB)
Corporate registration number 559099-2938
Stockholm (Head office)
Västmannagatan 47
113 25 Stockholm

Local point of contact:
+46 703 24 57 96
Suomisvej 4
1927 Frederiksberg C

Local point of contact:
+45 938 618 30
Local point of contact:
+65 9016 1117

The common denominator

At Odd Agency we believe that change comes from a fusion of strategy, capabilities and individual behaviour. We work in a wide range of industries, countries and organizational levels – the common denominator in our business is that we focus on the capability factor in working with change.

As agents for change, we provide services within Strategy & Capability development, Change Channels and Business Development. Whether in targeted initiatives or extensive change programs, we guide leaders with a strong determination to create sustainable results.
Our network of clients and partners consists of individuals and organizations with different areas of expertise who share our ambition to pursue innovative ideas and lead change.

The truly creative, innovative and unique comes from understanding your capabilities and true potential – not from uniformed blue prints, and acquiring this understanding might take you on an Odd journey.

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