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Odd Agency Updates

We are now back at our offices in Stockholm and Copenhagen after a summer of creative recreation.

We look forward to an autumn filled with of exciting ideas, projects and people.

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Every year HR Magazine ranks the most influential practitioners and thinkers in the field of HR. In 2016 Rob Briner made the top of the list - at Odd Agency we are not surprised that his work is being appreciated. Using evidence-based practices to turn Human Resources into the amazing force of change they are capable of being.  Challenge your team, and yourself, to evaluate your work and be brave enough to pivot when evidence tells you to do so.
Odd Agency Updates

Odd Agency would like to thank you for an eventful year, filled with exciting and developing meetings and new collaborations!
We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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Odd Agency Updates

Our development program with ten international change agents has become a hot topic nation wide! This year’s talented participants will soon work globally to bring world-class technology back to Sweden.

Read more in Swedish here.

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Mikkel Seiling
Team Member |
Strategy & Organization
Mikkel Seiling

Over the past 13 years, Mikkel has been working in leading positions within Human Resources. This has made him develop unique skills and a passion for optimizing performance of individuals, teams and entire organizations. As the newest member of the Odd Agency team, Mikkel is adding knowledge and international experience from the biopharmaceutical industry, where he worked while the industry went through significant changes.

Mikkel has experience from creating long term results and growth in organizations by making people the competitive advantage, all while enabling individuals to realize their full potential. At Odd Agency, he continues to do so as the Head of Strategy and Organization.

After an inspiring innovation session during on of our clients' introduction session for 60 new employees, the comedian and scientist John Cleese´s brilliant lecture about creativity came to my mind.
Case |
Strategy & Organization
Building organizational capabilities for internationalization

20 % growth

1100 employees (34 000 globally)

3 years

500 offices

40 countries


We are proud to support one of our clients by running an introduction program for engineering & business talents. The program fosters international perspectives, builds business development capabilities and boosts the talents’ career. 
Have a look at the testimonials of last years participants.
Many of us are attending more meetings than ever before. While acknowledging that some meetings are better suited to be held in person, we also see that more and more  are held virtually. Meetings are one important channel for leading change, and the way you lead them must adjust to whether you are connecting with your team in person, or if you are meeting them virtually.
On problems, and how they can be helpful to you.
High performing teams manage to strike the perfect balance between constraints of processes and freedom for imagination and aspiration. How do they do that? By having the right conversations, at the right time. One of our favourite team work models explains how .
Is there a future for human labour when robots will be able to perform more than repetative tasks and rule based responsibilities?

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