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Our friends at Straight Design are showcasing their take on routines this exciting project.

In exploring how shapes, colours and structures affect our daily routines they have re-decorated the top suite at hotel Scandic Anglais in central Stockholm. Come see how it turned out.

Room 809 is open for viewing from 18.30 this Thursday, 25th of August.

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High performing teams manage to strike the perfect balance between constraints of processes and freedom for imagination and aspiration. How do they do that? By having the right conversations, at the right time. One of our favourite team work models explains how .
Odd. Updates

We are grateful to be working with small stars and grown up extraordinary talents for the Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation.

Take a look behind the scenes.

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Odd. Updates

Chicago, London, Singapore, Shanghai… Three continents, three business areas and a group of highly motivated individuals, we are excited to see how far this project we’re part of will go. Having met the team, we bet further than anyone can guess! Read more about it here.

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Julia Ekedahl-Lotoft
Team Member | Change Channels
Julia Ekedahl-Lotoft

Julia has 10 years of experience working in private, public and non-governmental sectors in several countries. Her experience includes among other things, dealing with political diplomacy on a multinational level, guiding students in the future career objectives and releasing an EP.

The red thread in her endeavors has always been to experience the steep learning curve of the human mindset as well as the great opportunities that arise when one puts all one’s efforts into reaching a vision.

Is there a future for human labour when robots will be able to perform more than repetative tasks and rule based responsibilities?
Case | Strategy & Organization
Building organizational capabilities for internationalization

20 % growth

1100 employees (34 000 globally)

3 years

500 offices

40 countries

We are trying out a structured approach to business development and we are looking for teams willing to be a part of the ride.
We encourage you to watch and be inspired by Kotter´s brilliant and educational description:

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