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ODD [od]
adjective, odd·er, odd·est.

1. differing in nature from what is ordinary, usual, or expected
2. singular or peculiar in a strange or eccentric way
3. fantastic; bizarre
4. different to what is usual or expected; strange.

For us, the truly creative, disruptive and visionary does not come from uniformed blue prints. Leading change comes from understanding and having the courage to act on your capabilities and true potential.

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Perhaps you joined a team building activity and afterwards thought, “Well, that was fun… can I please get back to work now?”.  Climbing a tree or cooking a paella together with your colleagues may be fun, but it does not necessarily lead to better team results. Starting with two questions may instead  move your team ahead more efficiently.
Odd Agency Updates

We are updating our Privacy and Cookie policies to reflect the changes we have made to strengthen your privacy rights and to address the new standards introduced by the European data protection law known as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). These changes come into effect today Friday, May 25.

At Odd Agency, we are deeply committed to handling your personal information with care and according to GDPR.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or wish to remove the personal data from our system.

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Odd Agency Updates

“The most exciting breakthroughs of the 21st century will not occur because of technology but because of an expanding concept of what it means to be human.”

– John Naisbitt, futurist and author

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David Karstensen
Team Member |
Strategy & Capabilities
David Karstensen

David is an experienced advisor and trainer that has driven change processes for Danish and international clients for the past 15+ years. He is specialised in designing and facilitating learning and capacity building in the form of impactful organisational change projects that align and engage all levels of organisations.

Together with Odd Agency and our clients, he fosters skills, methods and mindset that build internal capacity to sustain change and strategic impact.

Phone: +45 3149 4084

Meetings are important channels in leading change. Odd Agency designs and leads meetings that contribute to strategic movement. The audiences we work with range from 5 to 1000 participants. 
Regardless the size of the forum, we have five principles we stay true to. This ensures we make a difference for people, organisations and societies.
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Business Development & Innovation
Enabling global knowledge transfer & discovery of business opportunities

1 Exchange program

3 Regions

3 Continents

19 global team members

Sweden, Singapore & China, Australia & New Zealand


News online: “Internationellt erfarenhetsutbyte starker WSP över hela världen”

Caroline Palmstedt
Friends | Caroline Palmstedt
Caroline Palmstedt

Caroline is a senior professional with extensive leadership experience. She is devoted to developing leadership capabilities and in particular the next generation of Future-ready leaders. She is our go-to expert when it comes to NeuroLeadership which connects neuroscientific knowledge with the fields of leadership development, performance- and talent management and behavioral change management.

Caroline is passionate about neuroscience and its contribution to transformational behavioral change, so are we!

Odd Agency designs and leads meetings that develop people in a changing world. 
We use dialogue to create trust and unleash creativity. 

That is how we make a difference for people, organisations and societies. 

This video (in Swedish) shows a meeting where we met with 200 leaders from one of our clients. 

Get in touch if you want to create a meaninful meeting!
How does one make visions and ideas actionable? How do you ensure that your creative workshops lead to more than post-its on a wall? For us, the Double Diamond is a true gem - figuratively speaking.
A few years ago, we asked you if your job can be done by a machine. Today, we know that in many cases, it can. The application of Articial Intelligence to the domain of leadership makes us curious to see whether certain leadership traits will prove more important than others.
 Together with a client, advisor in design of future societies, we created a dialogue workshop where children and politicians came together to collaborate and explore children's needs in society.

What better way to understand the future than to ask the children who will live in it?

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