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Business Development & Innovation

The horrors and joy of business development

We are trying out a structured approach to business development and we are looking for teams willing to be a part of the ride.
How do you define business development?

Depending on who you ask, you will get a variety of answers, but most will agree that it concerns the exploration and realization of new ways to keep your business viable and prospering. At Odd. we have recently been working with business development in its perhaps most common form - new business line exploration and new product development.

It goes without saying that a process in which you need to be able to imagine something that has yet to exist  is challenging and demaning for those involved.  Following a given yet allowing structure for collaborative business development can therefore be of great help. In collaboration with our clients we have refined a structured approach to business development. We are using well-known traditional market and situation analysis tools but by ordereing them in a certain sequence, our method enables our clients to end up with a short-list of critical strategic iniatives.

Not much different from how artists who start out with a blank canvas end up with a work of art, the teams we have been working with can see their ideas materialize and turn into actual plans as they go along with the process.

Trust us, it is highly inspiring to take part in a process in which previously undefined windows of opportunity transform into actionable plans, in a matter of hours!

We are now looking for new teams to guide through this process. Are you willing to give it a go? Let us know!  

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For the second time, Odd Agency were happy to help Ramboll create a platform for exploring the future of healthcare.
In a fast-moving world driven by rapid technological innovation, our jobs are becoming increasingly complex. Roles, hierarchies and careers are not as fixed as they once were. Now, more than ever, it is up to ourselves to ensure we know how to stay relevant and happy. We have designed a program that will help you do just that.
Odd Agency designs and leads forums were thought leaders can explore future challenges and opportunities.  That is how we make a difference for people, organisations and societies. This video shows a forum where we helped our client to create a platform for exporing the future of health care. Get in touch if you want to create a meaninful meeting!
Perhaps you joined a team building activity and afterwards thought, “Well, that was fun… can I please get back to work now?”.  Climbing a tree or cooking a paella together with your colleagues may be fun, but it does not necessarily lead to better team results. Starting with two questions may instead  move your team ahead more efficiently.
Meetings are important channels in leading change. Odd Agency designs and leads meetings that contribute to strategic movement. The audiences we work with range from 5 to 1000 participants. 
Regardless the size of the forum, we have five principles we stay true to. This ensures we make a difference for people, organisations and societies.
Odd Agency designs and leads meetings that develop people in a changing world. 
We use dialogue to create trust and unleash creativity. 

That is how we make a difference for people, organisations and societies. 

This video (in Swedish) shows a meeting where we met with 200 leaders from one of our clients. 

Get in touch if you want to create a meaninful meeting!
How does one make visions and ideas actionable? How do you ensure that your creative workshops lead to more than post-its on a wall? For us, the Double Diamond is a true gem - figuratively speaking.
A few years ago, we asked you if your job can be done by a machine. Today, we know that in many cases, it can. The application of Articial Intelligence to the domain of leadership makes us curious to see whether certain leadership traits will prove more important than others.
 Together with a client, advisor in design of future societies, we created a dialogue workshop where children and politicians came together to collaborate and explore children's needs in society.

What better way to understand the future than to ask the children who will live in it?