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Many of us are attending more meetings than ever before. While acknowledging that some meetings are better suited to be held in person, we also see that more and more are held virtually. Meetings are one important channel for leading change, and the way you lead them must adjust to whether you are connecting with your team in person, or if you are meeting them virtually.

Have you ever been in a meeting with individuals that normally are confident and driven, but in a virtual setting they somehow disappear with all lines silent? This could be due to inadequate technology. It could also be a case of leadership running on an older version of meeting etiquette.

Based on facts from a study which surveyed full time employees across international markets and all major industry categories, we feel that we can all use a bit of inspiration on how to update our meeting etiquette. For instance:
An executive manager attends 12 meetings per week (average across industries and company sizes). Close to a third (32%) of all meetings are virtual. 91% of employees surveyed by Ovum reports that the number of meetings they are having is static or rising. 67% of employees report that more than half of the meetings they attend are not of value.
Source: Ovum, 2014, Death of the Web Conference (as we know it)

This piece from Harvard Business Review provides some inspiration on the subject. Although the instructions are rather elaborate, it is worth a read. The author states several challenges with virtual meetings: dependence on non-verbal communication, lack of attention and lost personal connection, to name a few. hbr Our main take-away is however that these challenges can actually develop our communication skills. By increasing transparency in conversation, conditions for collaboration can be improved. Just as an example, when you are not able to depend on visual clues, it becomes even more important to check in for understanding, agreement and alignment. By not seeing one-another other, you are required to listen more carefully to what people are saying.

Here at Odd Agency, our weekly meetings are often held between Stockholm and Copenhagen. We are using a number of methods to prevent the distance from taking its toll on participation and collaboration. Among other things, we have made a “checking in” routine part of each session. We also make sure to publish collaborative agendas in beforehand, allowing all participants to come prepared. Simple yet quite effective methods. We have updated our meeting etiquette, the question is, have you?

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For the second time, Odd Agency were happy to help Ramboll create a platform for exploring the future of healthcare.
In a fast-moving world driven by rapid technological innovation, our jobs are becoming increasingly complex. Roles, hierarchies and careers are not as fixed as they once were. Now, more than ever, it is up to ourselves to ensure we know how to stay relevant and happy. We have designed a program that will help you do just that.
Odd Agency designs and leads forums were thought leaders can explore future challenges and opportunities.  That is how we make a difference for people, organisations and societies. This video shows a forum where we helped our client to create a platform for exporing the future of health care. Get in touch if you want to create a meaninful meeting!
Perhaps you joined a team building activity and afterwards thought, “Well, that was fun… can I please get back to work now?”.  Climbing a tree or cooking a paella together with your colleagues may be fun, but it does not necessarily lead to better team results. Starting with two questions may instead  move your team ahead more efficiently.
Meetings are important channels in leading change. Odd Agency designs and leads meetings that contribute to strategic movement. The audiences we work with range from 5 to 1000 participants. 
Regardless the size of the forum, we have five principles we stay true to. This ensures we make a difference for people, organisations and societies.
Odd Agency designs and leads meetings that develop people in a changing world. 
We use dialogue to create trust and unleash creativity. 

That is how we make a difference for people, organisations and societies. 

This video (in Swedish) shows a meeting where we met with 200 leaders from one of our clients. 

Get in touch if you want to create a meaninful meeting!
How does one make visions and ideas actionable? How do you ensure that your creative workshops lead to more than post-its on a wall? For us, the Double Diamond is a true gem - figuratively speaking.
A few years ago, we asked you if your job can be done by a machine. Today, we know that in many cases, it can. The application of Articial Intelligence to the domain of leadership makes us curious to see whether certain leadership traits will prove more important than others.
 Together with a client, advisor in design of future societies, we created a dialogue workshop where children and politicians came together to collaborate and explore children's needs in society.

What better way to understand the future than to ask the children who will live in it?