Many roads lead to change

Do you know your options?
These are the ones we enjoy!

Strategy & Capabilities

Change leadership manifests itself both in terms of strategy and capabilities of the people leading the organization.

Whether you want to create an entirely new organization or simply need a change in direction, we help you identify and implement strategic movements and capabilities needed for the direction your heading.


  • Executive advisory (Individual and team)
  • Leadership development programs
  • Framework for Change Management
  • Strategy workshops

  • Capability sessions on:
    • Communicative Leadership
    • Global Collaboration Skills
    • Presentation technique


Here's a project we're proud of

Business Development

For us at Odd Agency, business development takes the form of utilizing exisiting skills, know-how and experience in your organization to explore new business opportunities and create growth.

By designing collaborative business development processes, we turn people into innovators and drivers of opportunity.
Odd Agency designs, manages and facilitates processes for identifying, evaluating and executing business opportunities.


  • New Business Development
  • Innovation process design
  • Business model innovation
  • Ideation sessions
Here’s a project we’re proud of

Change channels

Effective change leadership entails the ability to communicate and create platforms for change. At Odd Agency, we do this by mapping out existing forums, leadership summits, meetings and company events – your change channels.

We help you use your existing channels, and, if needed, establish new forums to  achieve and communicate change.
Odd Agency identifies, develops and facilitates the content in the channels using collective insights and common understandings.


  • Meeting design and production
  • Facilitation & moderation
  • Review and evaluation of existing meeting forums
Here’s a project we’re proud of