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You’ve got 99 problems – and 99 opportunities

On problems, and how they can be helpful to you.
This week we had our first business development session with a team we are facilitating with a client. Still early in the process we are focusing on problem identification and the team already shows amazing insight into the organizations challenges ahead.

Eventhough it may seem daunting and almost counter-intuitive to focus on problems you as an organization, (or human being for that matter) may be facing, it can actually prove to be exactly what you need to make those crucial adaptions that will elevate you and your operations to the next level.

For us, a problem is not necessarily a hindrance. Just like an ache in your back tells your that "hey, maybe you should get that desk ergonomically adjusted", a pain point in your internal communication or customer care procedures gives you important information. By spotting problems, you are also spotting where needs are not met, and like we all know, unfulfilled needs (unknown or not) are the mother of all innovations.

We will work with this team throughout this fall. During a number of sessions we will help them explore lateral thinking, ideation and conceptualization. In the end, we are certain that they have created new solutions for their organization, but for now, we're enjoying focusing on the problems. Get in touch and we can help you take a closer look at your problems!

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Perhaps you joined a team building activity and afterwards thought, “Well, that was fun… can I please get back to work now?”.  Climbing a tree or cooking a paella together with your colleagues may be fun, but it does not necessarily lead to better team results. Starting with two questions may instead  move your team ahead more efficiently.
Meetings are important channels in leading change. Odd Agency designs and leads meetings that contribute to strategic movement. The audiences we work with range from 5 to 1000 participants. 
Regardless the size of the forum, we have five principles we stay true to. This ensures we make a difference for people, organisations and societies.
Odd Agency designs and leads meetings that develop people in a changing world. 
We use dialogue to create trust and unleash creativity. 

That is how we make a difference for people, organisations and societies. 

This video (in Swedish) shows a meeting where we met with 200 leaders from one of our clients. 

Get in touch if you want to create a meaninful meeting!
How does one make visions and ideas actionable? How do you ensure that your creative workshops lead to more than post-its on a wall? For us, the Double Diamond is a true gem - figuratively speaking.
A few years ago, we asked you if your job can be done by a machine. Today, we know that in many cases, it can. The application of Articial Intelligence to the domain of leadership makes us curious to see whether certain leadership traits will prove more important than others.
 Together with a client, advisor in design of future societies, we created a dialogue workshop where children and politicians came together to collaborate and explore children's needs in society.

What better way to understand the future than to ask the children who will live in it?
We are helping our clients lead change,  sometimes by transforming and reinventing their organizations. Laloux's Cultural Model , in the video eloquently described by Peter Green, offers great insight and inspiration.
We are proud to support one of our clients by running an introduction program for engineering & business talents. The program fosters international perspectives, builds business development capabilities and boosts the talents’ career. Meet Hamza - one of the participants selected this year.
Every year HR Magazine ranks the most influential practitioners and thinkers in the field of HR. In 2016 Rob Briner made the top of the list - at Odd Agency we are not surprised that his work is being appreciated. Using evidence-based practices to turn Human Resources into the amazing force of change they are capable of being.  Challenge your team, and yourself, to evaluate your work and be brave enough to pivot when evidence tells you to do so.